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Zoom 100% Wool Drying Balls Home Healthy Home
Zoom 100% Wool Drying Balls Home Healthy Home
Zoom 100% wool drying balls

100% wool drying balls


By using our dryer balls, you will extend the life of your clothes and save energy while helping to preserve and respect the environment. They are made by hand, one by one. For its production, we use around 60 grams of pure merino wool for each dryer ball. This way of manufacturing makes them much larger and heavier than the usual ones. As a result, they absorb much more moisture, last longer and take better care of your clothes. 

  • They reduce the duration of the drying cycle up to 25%.

  • They reduce static electricity from clothing.

  • They soften clothes without using chemicals.

  • Clothes less wrinkled and easier to iron.

  • Balls of 100% natural and untreated wool. 

  • Useful life of approximately 500 washes.

  • Biodegradable and compostable.

  • 3 pcs Extra Large Size. XXL




  • Place all 3 balls in your dryer and reduce the usual drying cycle time by up to 25%.
  • If you have a washer-dryer you can insert the balls at the beginning of the wash cycle. 


  • What are dryer balls and how are they used?

They are a smart, economical and sustainable option for drying clothes in the dryer. The balls will last around 500 washes, depending on use, and are a great alternative to making clothes softer and static-free. During the drying cycle, the balls ensure better air circulation and prevent clothes from clumping in the drum, allowing heat and air to reach all clothes. 

How to use: Put the 3 balls in the dryer along with washed and damp clothes. 

  • How to use them in the washing machine?

They are especially recommended for DELICATE garments that are washed with short spin programs to soften the garments and absorb moisture as much as possible, which makes the garment almost dry. They're a eco-friendly alternative to using fabric softener in the wash, soften the clothes without the need to add fabric softener, improve spin quality by leaving the garment almost dry and remove static electricity. By not carrying chemical products, the water is not polluted. ideals too for Cany textile stuffed with feathers (eduvets, coats, down jackets, pillows, cushions, etc.), as they help keep the feathers from clumping. The small taps of the balls allow the inside of clothes, cushions or duvets to dry faster and become more fluffy.

  • How do I know when it's time to change the balls?

When they begin to lose fibers and become fuzzy, it's time to replace them. I g youwe guarantee they will last 500 washes or so depending on usage.

  • Will the balls be dry when the dryer is ready?

Yes of course! You can put them right back in the bag or leave them in the dryer if you prefer.

  • How much faster will my dryer run time?

Reduces drying time by up to 25% and eliminates static electricity. Since the balls soften fabrics, you do not need to use any fabric softener.

  • Do I use all 3 balls at the same time?



  • Reusable organic cotton bag
  • Shipping in recycled cardboard box
  • Paper stickers
  • Complimentary samples with each shipment
  • Free shipping for purchases over €60

    100% wool drying balls


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