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Origin and properties of our ingredients

Our soaps are made from organic olive oil, rapeseed and/or sunflower oil and caustic potash. Mixed, they facilitate a chemical reaction called "saponification" that allows soap to be obtained. At Home Healthy Home we have chosen to apply the method of cold saponification It does not require any input of external energy. It is a slow and traditional process that allows preserving all the properties of vegetable oils.




Prepared in this way, the soap has all the properties of a natural and ecological detergent: it moistens, dissolves and absorbs dirt. However, for better efficiency, we reinforce its action by adding other vegetable raw materials to our formulas, such as sugar surfactant, coconut alcohol sulfate, castor oil or sodium citrate.

In some of our formulas we also add ecological essential oils rigorously chosen for their olfactory, antiviral, antibacterial and aseptic properties. For the most sensitive skin, we offer products without fragrances or essential oils.

By using organic raw materials of organic vegetable and mineral origin, we can offer ecological soaps and detergents of great quality and efficiency, respectful of our skin, our clothes, our home and our planet.

All our vegetable ingredients come from organic farming and are:


  • Biodegradable
  • No harmful preservatives or chemical dyes.
  • Without oil derivatives
  • No enzymes.
  • Vegans.
  • Hypoallergenic.





What are the properties and what are our ingredients for?


Distilled water allows the correct mix between all the ingredients.

Vegetable olive oils. Cold saponified, it effectively cleans clothes allowing textiles to be moistened, dissolving and absorbing dirt.

Sugar Surfactant (or Surfactant) reinforces the action of the soap and improves foam formation. It acts as an effective anti-lime scale allowing clothes to remain flexible after drying. It is one of the least aggressive washing bases for the skin.

Coconut alcohol sulfate it is a surfactant. Strengthens the action of soap thanks to its degreasing power. It is used for better foam formation.

Vegetable alcohol (Ethanol)* It acts as a solvent to reinforce the cleaning efficiency and ensures that the formula is homogeneous and liquid. It is a natural preservative. Fight against the appearance of microbes.

Organic castor oil of vegetable origin, facilitates the dissolution of fats.

Sodium citrate It is a salt that is used as a pH regulator and softener. It is also an effective anti-limescale.



All our soaps are 100% biodegradable.

All our ingredients are recognized as readily biodegradable by the OECD. In fact, vegetable soaps are one of the only cleaning substances that are completely harmless to aquatic microorganisms, since mixed with water and after having acted as natural cleaners, they bind to the lime naturally contained in the water.


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