How to take care of your sportswear?

Sportswear is usually made of high-quality technical fabrics capable of filtering ultraviolet rays, absorbing perspiration or insulating against the cold. Reasons why they require very special care.

How to preserve its effectiveness after several washes? If you follow these simple care tips, you will keep your sportswear intact for much longer.

Lava your sportswear after each use.

Clean your sportswear as soon as possible, don't store it in the laundry basket and much less mixed with other clothes or worse yet, don't let it "macerate" in your gym bag! To avoid spots rebels of sudor, wash them as soon as possible after each use. If you can't wash your clothes quickly, let them air dry.

Tip: sports fabrics should wash as delicates, so avoid mixing them with the rest of your clothes. If you don't have enough dirty sportswear to run a washing machine, use a net or pillowcase to separate the different fabrics.


Limit wash temperature to 30°C

Sportswear is made of polyester, polyamide, elastane, or lycra. In order not to damage these synthetic fibres, wash them at a maximum of 30°C. If your clothes are very dirty, covered in mud, do a prewash.

Tip: It is recommended to turn the clothes inside out when washing them to avoid rubbing the materials and thus preserve their technical properties.


Use a mild detergent, without fabric softener.

To protect your sportswear, use a special detergent that does not contain optical brighteners. The use of fabric softener is also not recommended because it tends to block the micropores of the so-called absorbent fabrics.

At Home Healthy Home we have developed a jlaundry fertilizer for sportswear Nº14. A specific formula to wash and maintain your sportswear that eliminates the most resistant dirt and odours, even at low temperatures and short wash cycles.

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, it respects high-tech textiles, including microfibers, nylon, lycra, cotton and synthetics, preserving the quality of its fibers and maintaining its properties such as breathability, elasticity or waterproofing, thanks to a gentle wash. but effective. Neutralizes bad odors and provides a fresh scent of mint and citrus.

As it does not have any chemical product, it does not leave residues that could have side effects on sensitive skin. It is suitable for colored and white textiles, hand or machine wash.

Tip: Respect the doses of detergent. Adding more detergent to the wash of sportswear is not the best way to clean it, quite the opposite: any excess could accumulate in the clothes, trapping dirt and dander inside your clothes.


Promotes natural drying

It is recommended not to dry sportswear in the dryer . Synthetic fibers are not made to withstand high temperatures. To avoid shrinking or damaging the elasticity, it is best to hang them in a well-ventilated place, away from all sources of heat.


remove sweat stains

To avoid yellow sweat stains that could permanently mark your sportswear, it is best to immediately rinse the neck and underarm areas with hot water. If, despite these cares, yellow sweat stains appear, rub the affected area with our stain-removing castile soap before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Moisten the stain remover stick with warm water and apply the foam to affected areas to remove perspiration stains. Be sure to focus on underarm areas, waistlines, spaghetti straps, sports bra underwires, etc.


Eliminate bad odours.

To eliminate especially strong perspiration odors, you can simply submerge your garments in cold water or up to 30ºC, with about 30 grams of our stain-removing bleach. Its formula based on sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate, in addition to dissolving stubborn stains, has disinfectant and deodorant properties. Allow to soak for at least 30 minutes, before putting in the washing machine.

For your smelly shoes, yoga mats or other sports equipment, you can use our Anti-Odor Spray. It has antibacterial properties that will also leave a fresh scent of mint and citrus.


By following these tips, you will not only extend the life of your clothes, but you will feel very comfortable practicing your favorite sports.




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