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Furoshiki: How to help the planet by wrapping your gifts with cloth.

El furoshiki It is a traditional square cloth from Japan that is used to wrap and transport all kinds of objects, from clothes and gifts to glass bottles.

Furoshiki's name It comes from "furo" which means "bath" and "shiki" which means ceremony. The tradition dates back to the XNUMXth century, when the Japanese began using public baths called "sento". Japanese traditional baths baths where attendees used this system to wrap their belongings. Over time, its use spread and it began to be used by merchants to protect their merchandise.

Currently this form of wrapping is made of different types of fabrics, including silk, cotton or nylon. The technique is very popular in Japan due to its delicacy and above all for its ecological benefits. Their designs and techniques are a reflection of different styles, places and historical periods as well as the different crafts in Japan. Each Furoshiki has a meaning, it tells a story without the need to add words.

In recent years, the Japanese environment ministry has made some campaigns to promote the use of furoshiki today, in order to protect and care for the environment in Japan and around the world.

There are 500 varieties of knots to be applied in the art of furoshiki.We show you a couple of options furoshiki so that you dare, this Christmas to wrap your gifts in a more beautiful, delicate and sustainable way and become aware of the consumption of plastic and reduce the waste we generate, especially plastics.

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It couldn't be a better gift wrapping idea if we really believe in reducing waste. Thank you very much for showing it!

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