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What is the ideal temperature for washing clothes?

It seems to be a recurring question when starting your washing machine... And indeed, if you want your clothes to last longer, the choice of washing program and temperature have a great influence on obtaining an optimal result. how do you know not all textiles can be washed at the same temperature, Fortunately, today's washing machines offer a wide range of programs and sometimes it is difficult to choose. In addition, most of the electricity consumed by washing machines is used to heat the water. Therefore, Choosing the correct washing cycle temperature is essential to limit energy consumption. Thanks to new generation washing machines and adapted washing products, you can wash your clothes at a much lower temperature. But the temperature of the selected program does not only depend on electricity consumption, it is also necessary to take into account the type of clothes to be washed and their degree of dirt.

From Home Healthy Home we want to help you with some brief advice.

First of all, we recommend that you always read the labels where the manufacturer recommends at what temperature you should wash the garments. Another important point, which we sometimes forget, is to classify your clothes by color, by textile fiber or by degree of dirt.


What temperature to choose?


These temperatures are sufficient to eliminate bad odors and stains caused by daily use. They are suitable for lightly soiled clothes, lingerie, very delicate clothes, cashmere or silk. Keep in mind that delicate clothes need a mild detergent. The N º 13 from the Home Healthy Home collection is formulated with organic olive oil, which nourishes the natural fibers and provides a lot of softness. Plus you don't need fabric softener.

You must bear in mind that in cold wash cycles, the water is not heated, so the clothes are washed at the ambient temperature of the water, which can vary depending on the season of the year.



40 º

This temperature is suitable for most textiles and colored clothing such as cotton, jeans, linen, viscose, wool, acrylic, nylon, poly/cotton blends, cotton/viscose, etc.

This temperature is very effective and allows stains to be removed. It is enough to activate the natural ingredients contained in the detergent and to nourish the clothes. Warm water also prevents color fading and won't damage clothes that are washed frequently.


60 º

It is the ideal temperature for dirty clothes and baby clothes, also for sheets, towels, kitchen towels, etc. Often very dirty so they need a higher temperature.  

Washing at 60ºC guarantees impeccable hygienic cleaning since bacteria, mites and fungi are only eliminated at 60ºC. Recommended if you have someone sick at home. Important, at this temperature always wash whites and dark colors separately.



90 º

It is used very occasionally and is mainly used for heavily soiled cotton or linen whites or, that they can accumulate many bacteria. 

what detergent is the most suitable?

At Home Healthy Home we work our formulas with natural and biodegradable ingredients so that they activate at low temperatures and thus be able to save energy, while taking care of your clothes, your skin and our planet.



We recommend our jalaundry basket No. 11 to leave a light touch of Lavender. It is an ideal soap for your all kinds of clothes, especially for bedding and towels.

Use the soap no. 12 if you have sensitive skin and do not want any type of perfume. This soap is perfect for taking care of baby clothes

As we have already mentioned, if you need to wash very delicate or natural fiber garments, we recommend our laundry soap no. 13. Ideal for nourishing and washing deeply due to its formulation with olive oil.

If you have to wash your sportswear or if it is synthetic clothing, we advise you to use our No. 14 detergent. Fights embedded bad odors

And if you prefer a powder detergent, our laundry soap no. 2It is 100% natural and fragrance free. Made following the recipes of our grandmothers with only 3 ingredients: Castile soap, sodium carbonate and bicarbonate. 

Finally; advice so that your garments are always perfect. use our Oxygen Booster Nº4 to remove the most embedded stains from fabrics. Its great disinfectant power and its 100% natural and biodegradable formulation will return the luminosity and whiteness of the first day to your garments. Remember not to use it on wool, cashmere and silk.

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