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Delicate clothes: care and advice for wool and cashmere

We are increasingly concerned about the clothes we buy, having a special interest in making them last as long as possible in order to, among other things, respect the environment. For this reason, every day we bet more on quality rather than quantity and many of our "star" garments are made with  natural fibers and fabrics. If you are a lover of cashmere and wool, it is important that you know how to wash this type of delicate clothes so that it always looks impeccable and lasts much longer.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wash your cashmere and wool garments at home. What's more, wool and cashmere love water and even get better with washing. Being delicate fibers, you only have to take into account some easy tips and, above all, respect some guidelines that we will tell you below:

How often should I wash my wool and cashmere garments?

There is no need to wash your cashmere and wool jumpers after each use. That if, between each use we recommend you hang your clothes, if possible, outdoors to ventilate and preferably at night or in the shade to avoid sources of heat or possible discoloration. To preserve the quality and beauty of your jerseys it is enough to wash them every 3 or 4 uses.

Avoid dry cleaning.

Although many manufacturers recommend it on the label, avoid dry cleaning your wool and cashmere garments. As well as being bad for the environment, the solvents used in dry cleaners can damage, weaken and destroy fibers.

Machine wash.

It may surprise you but  it is the safest way to wash wool and cashmere. Nowadays washing machines have specific programs for delicate garments, hand wash cycles or special programs for wool. They are very suitable for washing your delicate garments since the speed and regularity of the drum allow the garments to be gently stirred to clean them in depth, protecting the fibers and preventing them from breaking. The cycles of these programs are usually short, between 30 and 60 minutes, and the spins of  RPM 800, ideal for removing excess water without damaging your clothes. As for the temperature, although by default it is locked at 40ºC, we advise you you wash them in cold temperature so as not to run the risk of shrinking your favorite jumpers.

You can clean several garments at the same time, always being careful not to overfill your washing machine and not to mix colors. Wash your clothes inside out and put them in a net or a pillowcase to avoid chafing with other clothes. That's one of the things that most damage sweaters.

Hand cleaning.

However, if you prefer to wash your woolen clothes by hand, we advise you to first dilute the soap in cold water, never more than 40ºC. Submerge your garment in the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Gently remove the garment with your hands to remove dirt. Be especially careful not to break the fibers. In no case do you have to twist your garments. For rinsing, remove the garment, empty the container of soapy water and refill it with clean water, soaking the garment again to rinse it. Repeat this operation until the water is free of foam. Later, drain very carefully.

What detergent to use?

To preserve the fibers, it is important to use a very soft and natural soap. Our laundry soap for silk and wool Nº13 It is made with olive oil, cold saponified. This process allows preserving all the properties of olive oil: cleans, nourishes and cares for the most delicate fibers. Never use detergents with enzymes: they destroy the protein in the wool. Nor is it necessary to use a softener, olive oil provides the necessary hydration.

It is very important to respect the recommended doses since too much detergent could damage your clothes.

How to dry my wool and cashmere clothes?

drying should be always flat, on top of a cotton towel that allows to absorb the water and thus accelerate the drying. Let your wool and cashmere garments dry away from the sun or any other source of heat. Never let your sweaters dry on a hanger, they could be deformed. And of course, never in the dryer.

How to iron wool and cashmere?

If you have left your garments to dry flat, they most likely do not need to be ironed. Once dry, they are ready to use or store again.

However, if you want to iron them, do it better with a steamer than with an iron. If you use an iron, do it with the lowest temperature, without pressing, placing a damp cloth between the iron and the garment to prevent the fibers from being crushed.

Tips for storing and protecting wool and cashmere.

You should always store your sweaters folded. If you leave them hanging on a hanger, they will lose their shape prematurely. Ideally, keep them in a drawer or a breathable cotton bag. Never in a plastic bag that could alter the colors and facilitate the development of mold.

Natural fibers attract moths, especially when dirty. Therefore, it is convenient that you keep your clean clothes. You can add cedar balls and spray your garments with our closet purifying perfume Nº210. Its scent of cedar, mint and lavender repels moths and insects, in addition to leaving a pleasant aroma.

To take care of your garments, it is convenient that remove the balls that can be formed as well as the hairs with a specific comb for cashmere. Do it carefully and calmly so as not to damage your clothes. Do not use a sticky roller, it would leave traces of glue on your clothes, which attracts even more dust.

Finally, in case of stains, treat them as soon as they appear. If it can be before they dry. Our castile soap stick No. 03 with olive oil, it is perfect for removing all kinds of stains in complete safety.

In short, it is important that you wash and store your wool and cashmere clothes correctly so that they last as long as possible. In this way, you will maintain the flexibility, shine, shape and color of the fabrics. And may wool and cashmere become your best allies.

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