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What gestures to adopt to protect yourself at home during and after confinement?

The beginning of deconfinement does not mean that the virus has disappeared. In the fight against the coronavirus, cleaning at home plays a fundamental role. resort to a home perfume Nº200 that provides you with a fresh and pure environment or pure and natural soaps are some of the measures you can take in this disinfection and prevention process. You must keep all objects and surfaces well cleaned, as well as clean hands at all times, although there are more measures to take.


What hygiene measures should we take at home?

These tips will help you avoid possible sources of contagion at home.


Take off your shoes before entering the house and wash your hands

Footwear is one of the objects that has the most contact with the outside, therefore we recommend that when you enter the house you take them off as soon as you walk through the door. Automatically, trying not to touch doorknobs, light boxes or any other object, you should go directly to wash your hands well with soap and water. These 2 measures are the first line of defense to eliminate the virus, since the soap manages to eliminate the fatty layer around the virus and with the water you are removing the rest.

For this process, it is best to use natural soaps, no toxic. In this way you will be taking care of the environment at the same time that you take care of yourself.

Do not leave your mask anywhere

Wearing a mask is now part of everyday life. Beyond using it correctly, you should also take certain precautions regarding its storage. After use, you should store your mask in a bag, either to throw it away in a closed container or to wash it in a washing machine at 60°. Above all, you have to avoid placing it on a surface such as the dining room table or the kitchen counter.

As for unused masks, you should store them in a clean and dry place, away from light. Wash your hands well before and after each manipulation.

And please, don't throw your mask in the street...


Clean your clothes at 60º C

If you have been on public transport, in supermarkets or any other place where the crowd of people is greater, clothes must be washed at these high temperatures to kill the virus. Of course, under no circumstances should you shake the clothes, since you will probably be spreading the virus to different parts of your house.


Change the sheets regularly

Good hygiene is essential to limit the risk of contamination, especially within a home. So make sure you keep your sheets clean by washing them regularly. This recommendation is valid for bedding, but also for towels or kitchen towels.


Disinfect objects

The most important thing is to keep objects such as the mobile phone disinfected, since, along with clothing and footwear, it is something that is in direct contact with the outside. Any object that you have used outside the home (bag, sunglasses, headphones...) must be disinfected correctly. Of course, also the doorknobs, railings or surfaces that you have touched before washing your hands.


Clean before disinfecting

This is the correct process. First it is cleaned and then it is disinfected. It is very important to know and keep in mind that a disinfectant does not perform cleaning functions, just as a cleaner does not perform disinfectant functions.


air every day

For a healthy interior and to limit the spread of all bacteria, ventilation of your home is essential, especially when a virus is actively circulating. Every day, make sure to air the rooms in your house, leaving the window open for at least 10 minutes to renew the air. We also advise you to check that the ventilation grilles are not blocked or obstructed. 


Home purifying perfume

We have learned the importance of washing our hands, clothes, even the soles of our shoes when we enter the house. And the air you breathe inside your home? Do you think it is clean and purified enough?

As long as it's natural, use a fragrance 200th purifier of environment for the home will help you in maintaining a healthy home.

En home healthy home We are developing a collection of home purifiers created with 100% ecological essences, formulated and packaged by hand in Spain. 

Our fragrance home purifier No. 200 provides a healthy environment thanks to its 9 100% organic essential oils, rigorously chosen for their antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  

In addition, its olfactory notes will leave some of the most pleasant features in your home: 

- Citrus lemon and lemongrass top.
- Wild and green notes of lavender, eucalyptus, thyme and spearmint.
- Spicy background of cloves, basil, and niaouli.


What are you waiting to try it?


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