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Tips for washing and caring for linen.

Immaculate white, soft or bright colors, plain or embroidered, the linen It has reappeared in our homes in recent years to become a chic and elegant decorative element, almost essential. Curtains, bedding, sheets, cushions, tablecloths... or simply to dress up, it's everywhere. Its advantages are numerous: timeless and ecological, linen is a natural fiber, easy to wear and at the same time very resistant and with thermoregulatory properties.

As it is a natural fiber and due to its characteristic wrinkled appearance, its maintenance can seem cumbersome. As always, we advise you to follow the manufacturer's instructions indicated on the labels. However, from Home Healthy Home, we give you some very simple tips that will help you wash and care for your linen clothes safely.


A cold water bath will make it easier to maintain your linen clothes.

Linen is a delicate material that must be taken care of. To guarantee its durability, maintenance must start from the moment of purchase.

Before washing your linen clothes for the first time, and even before using them, we advise you to soak them in a container with cold water and 25 cl of white vinegar for about 12 hours.

Cold water will soften the fiber, promote better resistance to possible future stains, and help reduce potential shrinkage. Keep in mind that linen can lose 5% to 8% of its surface area after the first few washes.

As for the white vinegar, it will help the colors to be fixed in the fiber, to maintain its original color during the next washes.

Therefore, this crucial step serves to prolong the life of your clothes. It preserves both the softness of the fabric and its colors that will remain vivid and vibrant after multiple machine washes.


By hand or in the washing machine with medium temperature and minimum spin.

Washing your linen clothes softens the fiber and makes it more pleasant for the skin. Linen is an authentic and living material that becomes more beautiful over time. In fact, wash after wash, linen acquires a certain patina and becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch.

In general, wash your linen textiles separately and avoid mixing materials. Polyester, for example, will create lint that will cling to the linen fibers making them rougher and less flexible.

Sort pieces by color and don't hesitate to wash your bedding sets or linen sets at the same time to avoid possible color variations.

To protect and not damage the fibers of your clothes, keep in mind that you should never exceed 50 ° C if it is white linen and 40 ° C if it is colored linen. If you wash by machine, choose a program for delicate clothes, wool and linen. If you prefer to wash by hand, avoid wringing the linen so as not to break its fibers.

uses a Mild laundry soap with no detergents or bleaches no bleach At Home Healthy Home we have developed a Laundry soap for silk and wool with lavender Nº13 with olive oil, ideal for caring for and maintaining linen, wool and silk. It is imperative not to use chlorine-based detergents that can turn yellow and damage the textile fiber.


When spinning in the washing machine, limit yourself to a maximum of 600 revolutions to reduce the friction of your clothes against the drum, which could damage the fibers. 


Linen drying.

Linen is a material that dries quickly, so whenever you can, opt for air drying; your clothes will be much more beautiful and above all they will be less wrinkled.

If you wish to tumble dry clothes without wrinkling, use the lowest temperature dryer setting with a cool down cycle at the end. Also, don't overfill the dryer drum.

The trick: wool drying balls in the drum reduce possible fiber breakage and maintain the beauty of the fabric. Two or three dryer balls placed in the dryer soften the fabric and speed up the drying process by up to 25%. They prevent clothes from clumping during the drying cycle. In this way, the air can circulate freely, which allows the natural fibers to separate. This way your linen sheets will be softer, nicer and more comfortable.

Some tips for ironing linen.

After washing, you have two options:

- Maintain the natural wrinkled effect of your clothes or sheets linen to keep all its charm

- Or, if you prefer a clothing perfectly smooth and for that you have to follow these tips:

To start, lightly dampen your linen garment. You will see that, from the first pass of the iron, the fabric will remain tighter. Never dry iron linen. Turn the garment inside out to avoid wrinkles and use a hot iron at 200°C. Nowadays most irons have a special temperature for linen.

How to remove stains on linen clothes?

 A stain is never irreversible, even when it falls on a linen garment: the most important thing is not to let it become embedded and treat it before washing.

Depending on the type of stains, the care is different, so read our little tips carefully:

  • Red wine stains: rub with sparkling water or white wine and then place the garment in the washing machine.
  • Grease stains: lather up with dishwashing soap and let stand overnight before putting in the washing machine
  • Coffee or chocolate stains: remove the stain as much as possible with a clean, dry cloth. Then rub with soapy water and rinse with warm water
  • Blood stains: rinse with plenty of cold water ... and place in the washing machine.
  • Grass Stains: rub with our wet stain remover stick and put it in the washing machine.

How to store your linen clothes.

To maintain the quality of the fiber, you also have to take care of the way you store your clothes:

As with any textile, store your clothes when they are completely dry to avoid possible moulds.

Fold your clothes once ironed and store them plana. If your shelves are rough (wooden, for example), put a sheet of tissue paper to protect your textiles.

Remember that sunlight and artificial lighting can discolor your clothes, especially when it comes to clothes made from natural fibers. Therefore, it is advisable to store them away from light.


With these tips you no longer have excuses to take care of and show off your linen garments...

Do you still have doubts? Do not hesitate to write to us at, we will be delighted to help you 😍.



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