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remove a wine stain

Is your favorite tablecloth stained?

Follow, step by step, all our recommendations to remove the most difficult wine stains from your tablecloths or napkins and they will be like the first day.



Moisten the stained area with hot water. You can use a spray sprayer or submerge only the stained area in a basin.



Apply on the stain to be removed a tablespoon of our Oxygen Booster No. 04. 

Important: do not use this product on silk or wool.




Create a kind of paste, for this you can use your fingers or a stain brush and spread it well throughout the stain to be treated.





Soak your tablecloth or napkin in hot water for 30 minutes. If the stain isn't completely gone after this step, you can repeat it until it's perfect.



After having it soak, wash the tablecloth and napkins with our laundry soap with lavender No. 11, as long as the tablecloth is cotton. If it is linen we recommend the laundry soap Nº13 for a glossier finish. If you use a dryer, we recommend using our 100% wool drying balls that will allow you to save drying time and that your tablecloth irons better by eliminating static electricity.

Remember that if the water in your area is not too hard, our laundry soaps do not need a softener.

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