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How to remove coffee stains

According to the latest report on "The consumption habits of coffee in Spain” carried out by the chain "Coffee and tea", 63% of Spaniards over the age of 15 state that they take at least one coffee diary. This means around 22 million consumers. We can consume up to 3,5 coffees a day, and many opportunities to stain yourself and ruin your day.

And we all agree that cleaning a stain coffee it can be a headache. To facilitate the process, we have created a guide with the which nOr have you just managed to completely eliminate the mwide, si don't which you will stay in love with our Oxygen Booster and our stick stain remover Do not will remain no trace of tragedy!


Guide to removing coffee stains


1- The main thing to keep in mind for any stain y above the spots de coffee: chow much before the try, the easier they will come out. The ideal is treat her just in the moment, before for the stain to set.

2- Try to absorb as much liquid as possible with a damp cloth giving small touches on stain. don't rub very strong as could you damage the garment or extend the stain.

3- Rinse then your garment, The best way? Turn it over and wash from the reverse side with warm water so the fabric can expel the liquid. When it comes to cleaning stains, we offer you two options:

- La first, is to use our Oxygen Booster Nº04. This product is 100% natural, take care of your of, helps to eliminate spots and preserving the color of the of. To use it, simply apply the product on the stain damp, rub a little with a soft brush or directly with your fingers and let rest for about 10 m. You can rinse your garment by hand or put it in the washing machine as usual.

- Another option, it's ours stick stain remover, a "must have" to always have on hand. It is formulated with olive oil bio and only 3 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, without dyes and vegan. Removes all kinds of stains, even the most difficult ones such as: wine, coffee or blood. For use it, moisten the soap and rub it on the stain, then clarifies with water or put the garment in the washing machine without clarify and voila, that easy.

*Careful! make sure That the stain has disappeared before drying the garment or applying heat where was the stain. He heat can do a “baking” effect on the stain into the fabric and embed it forever.


And this is how you managed to neutralize the problem easily, goodbye spots with a very simple and natural routine. Thanks to the excellent formula of our products forget about bad smells, wear and loss of color in the of. In Home Healthy Home we care about your health, your of, your home and our planet and therefore we care from product formulation to packaging.

And all this in a simple, natural and effective way.

Do you join the change?

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