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How to wash and maintain your linen curtains?

Linen is an increasingly popular fabric that allows you to create refined and warm environments. Linen curtains adorn your windows and give them a note of sophistication. But, to preserve the shine of this delicate fabric it is essential to take into account certain precautions when maintaining. Here are some tips to clean your curtains effectively and without damaging them.


How to choose the most suitable type of curtain washing?

Linen is a natural fiber that can be washed at home, at machine or by hand.Machine cleaning is very advantageous due to its speed and practicality. However, it is important to follow certain steps to avoid damaging your curtains.
As for hand washing, it is ideal for particularly delicate curtains.
In any case, it is important check the labels and follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. In the absence of labels, we describe below some basic cleaning rules and tips for washing your linen curtains in your own home.


Cleaning linen curtains: preparation

  1. To prevent the appearance of fluff, do not mix your linen curtains with other materials nor with other colors (to prevent them from fading).
  2. Check always wash both (or matching) curtains together. This way, if washing were to decrease the intensity of the dye, your curtains will remain identical in color.
  3. Choose a natural and mild detergent, without bleach. We advise you our laundry soap Nº11 or our laundry soap Nº13 for wool and silk. Formulated with virgin olive oil, they care for and nourish the natural fibers. In addition, thanks to the lavender essential oil that they contain in their formula, they will leave a light relaxing aroma of lavender.
  4. Do not use chlorinated products because they attack the color and damage the fibers.


Cleaning linen curtains: stain treatment

The simple dirt of a linen curtain disappears easily during the wash, but if you have deeply embedded stains you should treat them before washing. Try to wash your linen curtains without delay, to prevent stains from becoming embedded in the heart of the fibers. As soon as you spot a stubborn stain, rub it with Castile soap mixed with a little water and then rinsed. We recommend our Stain remover stick Nº3.



Machine wash linen curtains

  1. Basic linen curtains can be washed in the washing machine without any problem. Be sure to do not overload the washing machine to ensure proper distribution and uniform rinsing of your shades.
  2. If there are washing instruction labels, please set the washing programs according to the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, for colored curtains, set the temperature to 40ºC and for white curtains to 60ºC.
  3. Opt for a spin cycle that does not exceed the 600 revolutions. Too strong a spin could wear down the fabric and cause unsightly white lines to appear.
  4. Finally, let your curtains air dry or directly posted on your site.


Hand washing linen curtains

  1. Place your linen curtains in a bathtub filled with warm water with natural laundry soap.
  2. Rub very gently, rinse and wring out your linen curtains gently, pressing lightly, without twisting the fabric so as not to damage the fibers.
  3. For drying, proceed in the same way as for machine washing.


How to iron linen curtains?

One of the advantages of linen, if you opt for the washed linen, is that it is not necessary to iron it! Its typical slight wrinkling gives it a very distinctive touch.

However, if you prefer to iron your linen curtains, iron them upside down while they are still a little wet.


"Daily" maintenance of your curtains

For, dust the curtains, remember to vacuum them during cleaning with the T-shaped nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. You can also rub them with a dry brush for clothes


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