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Do you know how to wash your ski jacket?


If you're about to start the ski season, or if you're back, we're sure you'll want to keep your clothes clean, fresh and ready for your next getaway.

At Home Healthy Home we know that each type of clothing needs special care, and especially when it comes to technical ski clothing to preserve its functionality and extend its useful life. Today, most ski equipment features GORE-TEX®, a very fine fabric made up of different membranes and micropores, approximately 1.400 million per square centimeter, which allows them to be waterproof as well as breathable. But sIf these pores are clogged with dirt or traces of sweat, they will not be able to meet their goal of breathability and will end up accumulating moisture.

Here are some tips for washing your ski jacket:

First of all, carefully read the label of your clothes where you will find all the information about its composition and washing instructions. However, the steps below can be applied to most ski clothing.

1) Make sure you empty all pockets, close all zippers and velcro fasteners. This will prevent friction and damage during washing.

2) Turn the jacket inside out to protect her.

3) Treat possible stains or more rubbed or dirty areas applied directly with the finger a little detergent: collar, sleeves, bottom of the jacket, and pocket areas.

4) Use a liquid detergent, as a powder detergent may not be removed properly and may leave traces.

 OUR DETERGENT NATURAL Nº 14 FOR SPORTSWEAR It is the perfect ally for your technical and synthetic garments. Made with vegetable oils, our No. 14 laundry soap for sportswear is enriched with organic mint essential oil for a deodorant and disinfectant action and organic lemongrass oil for a very fresh touch.




5) Forget the fabric softener, could leave a "film" on the fabric and cause it to lose its technical function.

6) Select the “synthetic” cycle of your washing machine and a temperature of 30-40º. Washing at a high temperature can, over time, weaken the fibers of your ski jacket and potentially damage its technical properties such as breathability, elasticity or waterproofness, but above all it could damage the zippers, velcro and seams, since GORE-TEX®, widely used in ski clothing, is actually very resistant.

If your ski jacket contains down, both natural and synthetic, you can add our 100% wool drying balls to remove the feathers during and prevent block formation. 



7) Choose a spin program with a maximum of 800 rpm. Y take your clothes out as soon as the washing machine finishes to avoid wrinkles.

8) Drying: If your jacket allows it, we recommend putting it in the dryer, choosing a low-temperature gentle cycle (synthetic cycle) and adding dryer balls to avoid clumping of down. This step through the dryer will also help to re-activate the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment.

In case your jacket is not suitable for the dryer, you can let it dry on a hanger near a radiator; just shaking it every few hours. 

9) Ironing: If you follow all the steps correctly, you will not need to iron your coat. In case you have to iron it, it is essential to do it with a cloth on top,  WITHOUT USING STEAM, and at a low temperature so as not to activate the treatment DWR nylon 

If you need to refresh your jacket between wears, you can use a natural bristle clothes brush to remove dust or a sponge with cold water to clean stains. A few sprays of our anti-odor spray no. 230 It will also refresh your jacket between washes.


Between seasons, always store your ski clothes in a dry, dark place, folded or hung.

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