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How to wash baby clothes?

When a baby comes home, there are many questions and fears that assail us. Will I know how to clean and feed him correctly? How should I wash her clothes so that they do not cause irritation or any other skin problem? For this last question, we give you a few tips that will come in handy. We help you wash the baby clothes correctly with a few tips.

What soap to use to wash baby clothes?

To begin with, it is very important to use a laundry detergent with a mild, hypoallergenic formula, free of phosphates and alkaline agents so as not to damage the delicate skin of the little one. Avoid soaps with perfumes and essential oils, especially those containing terpenes (lemon, juniper, rose, mint) and ketones (sage, cedar, eucalyptus), because these substances can be poorly tolerated or even toxic, if used directly on the skin. skin.

Our laundry soap for baby clothes Nº 12 Meets all requirements. Hypoallergenic, its formula is developed without perfume or essential oils and composed of 100% natural ingredients for maximum tolerance. Due to its great softness, it is a soap especially recommended for the most delicate garments and for washing clothes that are in contact with the skin of babies and adults with sensitive skin. Cleans while caring for all types of fabrics and does not leave abrasive chemicals on clothes that can cause adverse reactions on sensitive skin. Ideal for hand or machine washing.


How often to wash baby clothes?

Each type of clothing has a different washing frequency. Underwear and pajamas have to be washed daily while the rest of the clothes can be washed every 2 days. As for the sheets, you can change and wash them every 3 or 4 days, as long as they are not stained before.

It is also important that you wash your clothes after buying them. Undoubtedly, these garments will have been touched by many people in the store or warehouse, so can carry dirt or germs. Also, many products used to dye clothes are irritating, some even contain endocrine disruptors. So as soon as it arrives from the store, wash it.

Good tips for washing baby clothes

It is also important do not use bleach or fabric softener. Softener contains perfumes and other allergenic substances, while bleach is too aggressive. If you need to remove a stubborn stain, you can rub it with our Castile soap stain remover stick Nº03 100% natural. Its legendary effectiveness will help you remove the most difficult stains.

Remember, in turn, always wash your little one's clothes aside from the rest of the family's laundry. You can wash clothes by hand or machine. In any case, we recommend that you wash garments with lace, tulle and other similar elements by hand.

If you are going to choose the washing machine, do not overload it, adapt the temperature, activate a delicates program and put the right dose of detergent, as residue could remain after rinsing and irritate your baby's skin.

You should also take into account drying and ironing. To dry baby clothes, it is best to do it outdoors, for example, on a balcony, a terrace or a patio. Otherwise, the interior of the house can accumulate humidity. If it's raining or you don't have an outside space, please dry it in a well-ventilated and clean room. If you use a dryer, choose a gentle program without too much heat. For soft clothes and faster drying, we advise you to use our drying balls. It is also a good idea to iron baby clothes, as their steam helps remove bacteria. Never store wet clothes in the closets, it could favor the development of mold.


In addition to everything that we have told you, we give you some tricks to wash your little one's clothes, which will not hurt you at all. Put the baby socks in a net before washing them, this will prevent them from disappearing. Close the zippers and velcro of your little one's pajamas and onesies before doing the laundry. This will prevent them from getting tangled and damaging the rest of the clothes in the drum. Finally, remember that you must take the same care when washing your little one's stuffed animals, blankets and other items.

As you have seen, babies have very delicate skin and clothes are in direct contact with their skin, both during the day and at night. wash the well baby clothes it is important for your health, both to avoid irritation and to prevent the transmission of germs. Now that you know how to do it, follow all these steps so that your baby feels comfortable with all her clothes.

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