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How to wash your clothes by hand

Many of you ask us how certain types of garments should be washed by hand. In this article we want to share with you some tips on how to wash your favorite clothes, so that they keep their original appearance as long as possible and last longer.  


Is it good to wash clothes by hand?

In the washing machine, even if you wash in a short program, the clothes undergo a hard process. It's not just because of the temperature or time. but by sudden movements inside the drum. These movements can alter the fibers, the seams or the shapes of the garments, in some cases causing irreversible damage. Against, When you wash by hand you have full control of the clothes you wash and you can adjust the way you do it. For example, when you want to remove a stain, you can concentrate the wash on that specific point, without having to wash the rest of the garment.


What fabrics should be washed by hand?

All apparently "delicate" garments. However, the most general way to define whether clothes should be washed by hand or not is described on the label with the manufacturer's recommendations. Haute couture, silk, cashmere, and merino wool typically meet all the requirements to be hand washed.


Can "dry clean only" clothing be hand washed?

Many items marked with the "dry clean only" symbol can be washed by hand. This indication on the labels assures manufacturers of their responsibility against damage to the garment in another type of washing. 

However, in many cases, these types of garments can be washed perfectly by hand. Never attempt to hand wash a garment that says 'dry clean only' on the label, as these fabrics can often be damaged by water. If for any reason you decide to hand wash these types of garments, we recommend you find out how they will react to water; if you can't find anything against it, it should always be able to be hand washed very gently.


Summary for washing clothes by hand


  • Pre-treat any stains and/or soak the garment if you feel it is necessary.
  • Fill your sink or a container with warm water.
  • Soak the garment, press it gently into the water so that the soap penetrates through all the fibers.
  • Let it soak for about 15 minutes and repeat the previous step so that the water and detergent penetrate the fabric again.
  • Pour out the water and detergent. Rinse clothes with cold water.
  • Finish rinsing with water until no soap residue remains.


Dry off

  • Gently press the garment to release excess water (do not overtwist the garment).
  • Wrap the garment in a terry towel to release the water.
  • Gently stretch the garment, being careful to focus on the seams, collar, and cuffs.
  • You should dry them by placing them on a flat surface.

En home healthy home We like to take maximum care of your favorite garments and for this reason, all our soaps They are also recommended so that you can wash by hand. 

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