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🌿 How to make your natural soap? 🌿

En home healthy home We propose a radically ecological and healthy alternative that has a direct impact on our clothes, on respect for ecosystems and, most importantly, on our home and our health.

A 100% natural and healthy soap

After a year of preparation, we have found the perfect ratio for our formula and we are very proud to present our 100% natural and healthy laundry soap.

✅ A formula made with Castile soap
✅ Composed of only 3 ingredients
✅ No preservatives or perfumes
✅ Biodegradable
✅ Hypoallergenic and extra soft

🌿 A formula that respects the environment, your skin and your clothes! 🌿

The first liquid soap where you put the liquid.

Our "liquid" formula does not contain water. It's up to you to add very hot tap water to your bottle to "make" your liquid soap. This allows us to offer you a formula without unnecessary packaging and without preservatives, since bacteriological development needs humidity and, therefore, water.

How to make your laundry soap?

🎬 A video is worth a thousand words! 🎬

1️⃣ Pour the content of a refill sachet into a 1 liter bottle.
2️⃣ Add very hot tap water.
3️⃣ Shake vigorously.

4️⃣ Let cool stirring from time to time and voila!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Making your own laundry soap has never been so easy and healthy!

Depending on your needs or preferences, you can choose between jabliquid ones,  soap to dilute  o soap powder, all in recyclable packaging.


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