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How to choose the most suitable detergent

Natural fibers, synthetic and technical fabrics, lingerie, white or colored clothing. Each type of garment requires specific care to keep it in perfect condition and extend its life. In home healthy home we want to help you take care of your clothes while respecting your health and our environment. For this reason, we have formulated and developed several soaps specific laundry to cover all your needs.

Most industrial detergents usually include enzymes in their formulas that, in addition to being highly questionable for health, spoil delicate clothes, dissolving color pigments. Another highly questioned ingredient is optical brighteners that, in addition to damaging the environment, will cause your clothes to lose their color and shine.

Synthetic or technical clothing will last longer if you wash it with a detergent that neutralizes bad odors and as for white textiles, you must wash them with a special detergent for white fabrics or else they will turn yellow or gray. 


Are all our laundry detergents organic?

Yes they are. In home healthy home, we bet on simple formulas and natural and effective ingredients. The world of home care has thrived on often false promises and uncertain chemicals in plastic packaging. So we chose to go back to the essentials. Become a truly ecological alternative with a collection of totally natural, biodegradable, non-toxic products, without preservatives or dyes and in recyclable and reusable packaging.

We only work with Spanish factories and artisans who share our philosophy, trying to minimize the footprint we leave on the environment, both in the extraction of raw materials and throughout the manufacturing process. Our formulas are made to be understood, they are simple, short and well studied. Nature is always that simple but at the same time, extraordinarily effective.


Thus, we formulate our laundry soaps for clothes:

  • Free of enzymes, bleach, zeolites, phosphates and harmful preservatives.
  • Formulated and manufactured in Spain.
  • With totally biodegradable natural ingredients. 
  • With vegetable surfactants. 
  • Without petrochemical components.
  • No parabens, no GMOs.  
  • The virgin olive oil we use is organic, as well as the essential oils.
  • We use sugar surfactants, and no petroleum products.
  • We saponify cold to preserve the properties of the ingredients and save energy.
  • Our bottle is made of 100% recyclable glass and infinitely refillable thanks to our paper refills.
  • All liquid soaps are efficient from 30ºC.
By using natural ingredients, the color and texture of our liquid soaps may vary slightly depending on the batch or the temperature at which they are stored, but they never lose their cleaning power. 



Guide to choosing the right detergent

For more information, you can consult our articles on our ingredients and ingredients we don't want to use.


Laundry soap with lavender Nº11.

For lovers of the unmistakable scent of lavender. It is a perfect soap for all kinds of clothes. We love to use it for bedding and towels, because of its pleasant lavender scent.

You can use it to wash by hand or machine, cold or hot, from 20 to 95°C.

You can use our detergent No. 11 with lavender for:

  • For white and colored clothes made of cotton, linen, hemp or mixed fibers;
  • White sheets, bedding, towels and table linen
  • Jeans, blouses and white shirts
  • Not recommended for dark fabrics, wool or silk.



 Laundry soap for babies and sensitive skins Nº12. 

Use it if you have sensitive skin or do not want any type of perfume. It is a soap that is perfect for taking care of your baby's clothes, directly in contact with her delicate skin.

You can use it for lavaby hand or machine, hot or cold, from 20 to 95 ° C

You can use our No. 12 detergent for babies and sensitive skin for:

  • For white and colored clothes made of cotton, linen, hemp or mixed fibres. 
  • Dirty baby clothes and children's clothes.
  • People sensitive to fragrances or perfumed products.



 Laundry soap for silk and wool with lavender Nº13. 

To wash very delicate garments or garments made of natural fibers such as linen, wool, cashmere, silk, etc. Formulated with a base of organic olive oil and natural sugar surfactant, to gently clean and care for your wool and silk garments. In addition, olive oil moisturizes the fibers, like a conditioner. Returns the fibers to their original softness. A lightly scented soap with lavender that becomes a very gentle but effective treatment for your most delicate garments.

It is an ideal soap Ideal for hand washing but you can also use it by machine, cold or hot, from 20 ºC to 40 ºC so as not to spoil your clothes.

 Use our No. 13 silk and wool detergent for: 

  • All clothing made of wool or wool blends (cashmere, alpaca, merino, etc.)
  • Silk garments or silk blends. 
  • Coats and feather pillows.
  • Other delicate garments: lingerie, lace, etc.



 Laundry soap for sportswear Nº14. 

Ideal for preserve the colors, wash your jeans, take care of your sportswear and new generation technical textiles.  It is very efficient for cleaning all types of synthetic garments, such as polyester or acrylic, which tend to easily attract bad odors. It is also very effective for washing pool and gym towels. Neutralizes bad odors and provides a fresh scent of mint and citrus.

You can use it for lavarby hand or machine cold or hot, from 20° to 60°C.

 Use our No. 14 Sportswear Detergent for:

  • All colored garments made of cotton, linen, hemp, mixed fibers or microfibers such as Goretex, 
  • All colored fabrics; light to dark 
  • Black and dark blue jeans.
  • Black, navy blue or dark brown garments.
  • Sportswear and functional clothing.
  • Synthetics (which easily attract bad odours).
  • Sheets, towels or bedding with a persistent odor.
  • Not to be used on wool and silk. 


Powder laundry soap Nº 01
Laundry soap to dilute Nº 02

They are our most "original" soaps. Composed of only 3 ingredients, they are formulated following the recipes of our grandmothers with Castile soap 100% olive oil, sodium carbonate and bicarbonate. We advise you to reinforce its action with our Oxygen Booster Nº 04.

You can use it for lavarby hand or machine, from 40° to 60°C.

Use our powder detergents Nº 01 and 02 for:

  • For white and colored clothes made of cotton, linen, hemp or mixed fibers;
  • White sheets, bedding, towels and table linen
  • Light jeans, blouses and white shirts
  • Not suitable for very dark fabrics, wool or silk.


 Oxygen Booster Nº04. 

Intended to remove the most embedded stains from fabrics, especially when it comes to organic stains. Its great disinfectant power and its 100% natural and biodegradable formulation will return the luminosity and whiteness of the first day to your garments. Please note that the powder is most effective when mixed and used with hot water at a minimum of 50°C. In case of persistent stains, or if you cannot wash your clothes at these temperatures, you can leave your clothes to soak for several hours so that the Oxygen Booster has enough time to act. 

Use our Oxygen Booster Nº 04 for:

  • For all washable white and solid colored cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics. 
  • Removes all oxidizable stains such as fruit stains, red wine stains, tea stains, coffee stains, grass stains, blood stains, etc.
  • Prevents the aging of white clothes.
  • Lightens yellowish and grayish clothes.
  • Not suitable for wool, silk, synthetic fibers and microfibers.


Stain remover stick Nº 03

Authentic Castile soap is a effective my effective stain remover soap for all types of stains. It is ideal for treating stains on your clothes before washing.

Use our Stain Remover Stick for:

  • For all washable white and solid colored cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics. 
  • Removes all oxidizable stains such as fruit stains, red wine stains, tea stains, coffee stains, grass stains, blood stains, etc.

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