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Caring for and washing your favorite swimsuits

With the arrival of summer, we all feel like escaping to enjoy the first sunny weekends and walk along the seashore or take a dip in the pool... In short, finally, to feel that long-awaited aroma of vacation. Take out our summer clothes and wear that new swimsuit that we like so much... But how to make it stay as beautiful as the first day? Here are some practical tips and tricks to take care of your swimsuit and preserve its original appearance over the years.


Bet on a quality swimsuit. 

The first thing to consider is quality. If you want to keep your swimsuit for several seasons in a row, you will have to opt for a good quality garment, undoubtedly a little more expensive, but that will last over time. An investment that will therefore quickly pay for itself.

When buying your swimsuit, pay attention to the composition of the fabric. The higher the percentage of spandex also called elastane or lycra, the longer it will last.

Also remember to wear a swimsuit resistant to chlorine and friction. Small details that finally you will see how they make a difference. Last but not least, check that your swimsuit is machine washable.



Tips to take care of your swimsuit.

Swimwear fabrics are selected for their resistance to water, sunlight and certain chemicals. However, good maintenance is recommended to preserve them. To take care of your favorite swimsuit and keep it intact, here are some tips:


  1. Rinse your swimsuit with clean water after each use.
    It sounds obvious, but many times we forget to rinse our swimsuit when we get out of the sea or the pool. Salt, sand or even chlorine damage your swimsuit. There is no mystery, if you want to keep your swimsuit like the first day, you should rinse it immediately after bathing.

  1. Dry your swimsuit without wringing it, in the shade
    Forget draining it by hand. It will deform your swimsuit and break the fibers of the fabric. Be patient and simply hang your bathing suit on the air to dry naturally. To preserve the fiber, it is advisable to always dry your swimsuit in the shade, since too much direct exposure to the sun's rays will damage the colors as well as the fibers and elastics of your swimsuit. And, above all, do not use the dryer!

  1. Wash your swimsuit in warm water.
    The ideal is to wash your swimsuit by hand in warm water with a mild laundry soap, based on olive oil, and especially without bleach. Olive oil absorbs cream and oil stains and your swimsuit will be like new again. In the collection of home healthy home you can use our laundry soap for silk and wool No. 13, based on olive oil or our sportswear laundry soap No. 14.
    If you have to machine wash it, program a short cycle with a temperature never above 30 ° C. As for the spin, choose the lowest speed, maximum 600 revolutions.
    To protect the fabric and prevent it from stretching, always place your bathing suits in a pillowcase or net. If your swimsuit is neoprene, it is preferable to use cold water.

  1. Never iron your swimsuit.
    Once again, although it may seem obvious, a swimsuit should not be ironed and it does not need to be ironed, especially if you dry it properly, as we have explained above.

How to remove stains from swimsuits?

The most effective solutions to remove stains are very simple; just use a little cold water in which you've diluted a small amount of a mild laundry soap, white vinegar, or baking soda. All you have to do is let it soak in, gently rub the stain with this mixture, and then rinse well. However, if the stain persists and depending on the type of stain, we can recommend the following treatments:

1. Sea water stains
Just lightly rub the stained area with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Rinse with clean water.
2. Tar stains
Cover the stain with butter and rub lightly. Next, rub with our Castile soap stick and leave for a few minutes before cleaning with warm water.
3. Oil stains and suntan products
Beauty products and suntan lotions leave unsightly stains on our swimsuits. They are removed by moistening the stained area with water and an olive oil-based soap. If the stain persists, rub it gently with our stain remover stick and rinse with clean water.
An advice: apply your sunscreen before putting on your bathing suit, when possible.
4. Whiten a yellowish swimsuit
White swimsuits tend to yellow over time. Although there is no miracle solution, in order for your white swimsuit to regain its shine, you can try soaking it overnight in lukewarm water (no more than 30ºC) with a mixture of percarbonate and sodium carbonate. You can use for example our of our Oxygen Booster Nº04, 100% natural. When it breaks down in water, it generates oxygen which gives it a high whitening power and acts as a stain remover, dissolving the most stubborn stains.



Extend the life of a swimsuit

1. Alternate the use of your swimsuits: 
This technique allows you to prevent the swimsuit from wearing out too quickly during a vacation at the beach or in the pool. Composed mainly of nylon, lycra or elastane fibers, your swimsuit can take more than 24 hours to recover its original shape.
Ideally, it is recommended to have one or two "fashionable" swimsuits to go to the beach or enjoy the pool and a more resistant sports swimsuit to practice nautical activities.
2. Remove chlorine odor.
If, after swimming in a pool and rinsing your swimsuit, the smell of chlorine lingers on the fabric, you can use our No. 4 powdered stain remover bleach, which has disinfectant and deodorant properties.
3. Do not sit anywhere. 
Avoid sitting directly on rocks or on a rattan chair, for example, at the risk of damaging the fibers of your new bikini.
Remember to bring a sarong or a towel so that your swimsuit does not come into contact with a support that could scratch the fibers and damage the fabric.
4. Spas and hydromassage baths.
Spas and hydromassage baths also damage the fiber of your swimsuit. Better to opt for a more resistant model.


Now that you know how to take care of your swimsuits, all you have to do is enjoy the good weather! And don't forget, when the season is over, clean and store your swimsuits in an organic cotton bag.


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