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Create your most responsible wardrobe

It is important to keep in mind that in addition to being a more responsible attitude, you will save much more space in your closet or dressing room. A good wardrobe will make you love and enjoy your clothes for much longer. We are sure that you have heard about it from numerous bloggers, designers and journalists from the world of fashion who even reduce it to 37 garments and accessories. We are more in favor of each person making their own wardrobe, regardless of the number of garments. Keep going Read on for our quick guide on how to make your own wardrobe, why you need it, and how to create your own.


What is a responsible wardrobe?

A wardrobe consists mainly of a limited selection of clothes and accessories that complement each other, from which you can create multiple versions. They are usually classic pieces that do not go out of style and Composed mainly of neutral colors. The idea is to define your wardrobe with the clothes that you like best, that best suit you and, above all, your lifestyle. Reusing it, mixing it up, and even redesigning it will allow you to shop less often and, above all, with more intent. It is very important that these garments be washed well so that they last longer without deforming, shrinking or discoloring.


Why have a wardrobe background?

It has multiple benefits, here we describe the main ones:

It is more sustainable and responsible. The most sustainable and responsible garment is the one that is already in your wardrobe. By buying less, using more, and washing well, we can avoid the thousands of tons of textiles that end up in landfills every year.

Save time. A well-chosen wardrobe will save you time and avoid a lot of "what should I wear?" diaries. In addition, it will be much easier for you to find and choose your clothes every day.

Save space. Having fewer clothes frees up closet space, which means less clutter and more peace of mind. It will also make it easier for you to see what you really have.

Save money. With a good wardrobe, you will buy less often. Which means less money spent on new clothes that in many cases stay in the closet forever.


How to create your wardrobe background

1. Reconsider. To create a good wardrobe, we recommend that you review each item of clothing you have in your closet and reconsider what you really wear. Set yourself the goal of having worn it at least 30 times. Then separate them into: the ones you love, the ones you never find an occasion to wear and the ones that best suit your style. This simple exercise will help you to understand what your style is, what colors you like, what style suits you and what materials are your favourites, and therefore, what you really like and wear. 

2. Optimize. Get rid of clothes that no longer serve you or that you cannot adapt to your style. Consider fixing damaged or faded clothes to give them a new lease of life. If you have clothes that you don't want but are in good shape, there's no need to throw them away. Give it to friends or family, donate it to charity, or sell it at Wallapop o Vinted , so that it can serve again in someone else's closet.       

3. Organize. Reserve space in your closet for those of your basics that not only fit your preferences and lifestyle, but also the current climate and/or season. Put away out-of-season items, and when the weather changes or a new season arrives, rethink your wardrobe. 

4. Consider. In the future, shop less often and with more intent. A wardrobe background does not mean not buying anything new again, but complementing the clothes you already have. Look for well-made, high-quality clothing or accessories made with sustainable fabrics. If you can see yourself wearing it at least 30 times, if you like it and if it suits your lifestyle, it's a safe bet to join your wardrobe.


What should your wardrobe include?

There is nothing written about what should and should not be part of the wardrobe: it depends on your preferences and needs that can change over time. The amount of elements that it includes is also not written, although we suggest that you limit it to 30-40 clothes and accessories. We've put together our best tips below as a starting point. 

1. Choose a color scheme, mainly neutral. Think white, cream, gray, navy blue, and black. Neutrals work very well not only with each other, but with any other color as well. You can also add some more intense colors that you like and that suit your skin tone well. 

2. Choose classic or timeless styles. Your wardrobe must survive trends. You should keep in mind that you will wear these garments season after season and year after year. 

3. Choose durable and quality fabrics. We recommend natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen and wool, which are not only durable, but sustainable and breathable. It is very important that you wash your clothes with natural and quality laundry soaps, such as those from Home Healthy Home, which are designed to take maximum care of each type of fabric and to make them look like the first day.

4: Choose versatile and interchangeable clothes. Some good basic pieces to include are: a couple of t-shirts and tops; 3-4 simple button down shirts; a pair of elegant black pants; one or two pairs of jeans; a cardigan and a sweater to combine; a versatile black dress; a jumpsuit, a pair of shorts and a skirt; 2 jackets; 3-4 pairs of shoes. You can add one or two patterned elements as well, but make sure they are timeless, they won't go out of style. Stripes are always a good option.

5. Add pieces of with your personal "touch". These pieces will finish off your look and refresh your style, even if you wear mostly the same items over and over again (although we recommend sticking to accessories that you can easily mix and match). It can be a statement piece of jewelry, a scarf, a belt, sunglasses or a bag from your favorite brand. For a little more variety and to elevate your daily style, there is also the option to rent statement pieces. Also consider subscribing to the rental craze like ECOADDICT, a sustainable way to experiment with different styles at the same time. 

6. Have fun. Reusing does not necessarily mean repeating looks, over and over again, we suggest you change the style of your basics in different ways. For example, wear a white shirt with a tailored suit and heels for a sleek, clean look at the office, or wear it unbuttoned with jeans and sneakers on the weekend. And before you start to panic about the things you might have, rethink your attitude and look at your closet not as a limitation but as an opportunity to experiment. This is a great opportunity to explore your personal style. 


How to take care of your wardrobe

In order for clothes to last longer, it is important to wash them with the right soap if you can wash them at home or the manufacturer's label indicates it. Here you can see what kind of laundry soap fits better with your clothes.



Now you know how to create your own wardrobe, so that your favorite pieces can live life to the fullest. Be practical, aware, imaginative and enjoy!


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