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Change of closets: tips to organize your closet and store your clothes.

As it happens with each change of season, now is the time to change the summer clothes in our closets to make way for autumn-winter clothes. Although for many of us it is a somewhat tedious task, we advise you to dedicate time to take maximum care of your garments during all the time that you are not going to use them, so that they are in good condition when you use them again. You will see that it is also a very good opportunity to order and clean your closet.


Sort your clothes before putting them away.

The first thing you should do when saving your clothing from last season is to classify your clothes: set aside the clothes that you know you are not going to use for the next few months.

Take advantage of this season change to donate or throw away the clothes you no longer use. We often accumulate a lot of clothes that we never wear, taking up unnecessary space, as well as preventing you from seeing what you have in your closets.


How to take care of your clothes?

  • before putting away your clothes it is essential to clean it; This way you prevent it from spoiling since it will remain a long time without being used. If they are coats, jackets or delicate clothes, it is best to take them to the dry cleaners. The other garments can be washed at home, following the instructions on the labels. To take care of both your clothes, your health and our planet, we advise you to use our 100% natural laundry soaps.
  • clear a space where you can store last season's clothes, either in a storage room or a closet that you don't use. You must choose a place where the clothes do not bother since they will remain there for several months.
  • Depending on the type of clothing, you can store it in boxes, bags or in a closet. Use, for example, vacuum storage bags, from which you can remove the air with a vacuum cleaner. They are very practical and allow you to store a lot of clothes in a small space. However, be careful, as this system wrinkles the garments a lot, so you will have to wash and iron them again when you want to use them again. Lockable boxes are very practical because they prevent the accumulation of dust.
  • When you have everything packed, don't forget label the contents of your boxes; for example, "beach towels", "skirts and shorts", "jackets", etc. This will make it easier for you to find them quickly when you need something specific.


Take the opportunity to clean your closet

Closets can collect a lot of dust, especially when items are not used frequently. Take advantage of the change of season to clean your shelves with a natural multi-use formula, which has the advantage of being able to be used on various surfaces, such as wood, steel, granite, etc. For dust use a duster: it's perfect for getting into shoes, bags and hard-to-reach corners.


Organize, refresh and purify your wardrobe

Sort your clothes by colors, types of garment or materials, unify all your hangers and get rid of the leftovers. You will see how with these small changes your wardrobe can resemble a well-ordered fashion store.

Now that you have everything clean and in place, you can spray your closet with our Closet Purifying Spray N º 210. In addition to setting your dressing room, it has antiviral, antibacterial, aseptic and anti-moth properties. You can enhance its action with our balls y mothproof rings natural cedar.

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