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Benefits of ecological detergents

The increase in environmental awareness has led to a great change in the lifestyle of many people. We give more and more importance to the consumption of environmentally friendly products and reject those that are not.

This change in mentality influences, among other things, the way we wash our clothes. Every day we are more people who replace traditional detergents by ecological detergents.

If you are considering using natural products to care for your clothes, this article will interest you. we tell you the benefits of organic detergents for you and for your laundry.

Wicker basket with white clothes washed with natural and ecological detergent

improvements in our health

Traditional detergents for washing clothes contain chemical and toxic particles that are in contact with our skin. Fragrances and perfumes in products include elements such as formaldehyde, phenol, and glycerin, which can cause allergic reactions when skin comes into contact with washed clothing, leading to rashes, rashes, or hives.

Instead, organic detergents are made with natural materials that, in addition to taking care of our clothes, take care of our skin. all of our laundry soaps They are natural, 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic.


Responsible with the environment

Unlike traditional detergents, whose components seriously affect the environment, ecological detergents, according to the OCU, help keep the atmosphere clean and protect it. In this way, ecological detergents not only take care of our clothes and our skin, but also the planet.

To reduce the carbon footprint, all our soaps are formulated and handcrafted in Spain. For example, our "original soap to dilute" It is made up of only 3 ingredients. It's up to you to add some hot tap water to your bottle to "make" your liquid laundry soap. The absence of water in our formula also allows us to offer you a formula without preservatives, since the bacteriological growth needs humidity and therefore water. 

If you are looking for a scented laundry soap, especially for delicate garments or without scent for your baby's clothes, we put at your disposal the rest of our soaps that are also totally handmade, biodegradable, hypoallergenic in eGlass containers and refills in kraft paper envelopes.


Help maintain the washing machine and pipes

Another benefit of ecological detergents is that, as they do not have chemical components, they do not damage the internal part of the washing machine, thus avoiding problems in its operation. In addition, by having bicarbonate in its composition, which has anti-limescale and deodorant properties, it allows you to maintain your pipes.


Energy saving

One of the advantages of ecological detergents is that they do not require high temperatures to achieve good results in washing clothes. In this way, great energy savings are achieved.

Plus, accessories like our drying balls They help reduce the duration of the drying cycle by up to 25%, further maximizing energy savings.


sustainable packaging

Another point in favor of organic detergents is their environmentally responsible packaging. In home healthy home we are committed to the environment; That is why we have chosen to package our laundry soaps in reusable containers.

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