Zoom Laundry set for sportswear
Zoom Laundry set for sportswear
Zoom Citrus sports laundry detergent

Laundry set for sportswear

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A set specially designed for the care of your sportswear, eliminating the most resistant dirt and odours.

  • Soap liquid laundry concentrated for sportswear Nº14.  Specially designed for sportswear, our detergent removes the most stubborn dirt and odors, even at low temperatures. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, it respects high-tech textiles, including microfibers, nylon, lycra, cotton and synthetics, preserving the quality of its fibers and maintaining its properties such as breathability, elasticity or waterproofing, thanks to a gentle wash. but effective. Neutralizes bad odors and provides a fresh scent of mint and citrus. As it does not have any chemical product, it does not leave residues that could have side effects on sensitive skin. It is suitable for colored and white textiles, hand or machine wash. Clean your sportswear as soon as possible and, above all, do not leave it in the laundry basket mixed with other clothes. If you can't wash your clothes after training, let them air out. If you machine wash, wash your clothes inside out. To prevent shrinkage or loss of elasticity, avoid drying your sportswear in the dryer. Remember that washing at lower temperatures prolongs the life of clothes, saves water and energy. Quantity 1 liter ultracoventrado.
  • Oxygen Booster No. 04. Indicated to remove stubborn stains or lighten white garments that have turned yellowish or gray with use. Added to your detergent, it reinforces its action, whitens, disinfects and deodorizes clothes naturally. We do not use chemical bleaches, so the whitening power of our Nº 04 is activated from 50ºC. If the stain is very deep, you can also soak it for 6/8 hours before putting it in the washing machine. In this case, the bleaching action will be effective from 30ºC. Suitable for hand or machine washing. Quantity 450 gr,
  • No. 230 anti-odor air freshener purifier  in spray formulated with 4 100% pure essential oils, obtained from organic farming and rigorously chosen for their olfactory, antiviral, antibacterial and aseptic properties.

    Perfect for the bathroom, the shoe cabinet, the car or simply when a bad smell appears. 

    In addition to eliminating the bad smell, it renews and purifies the air in the room, achieving a fresh, healthy and pleasant environment. Formulated and packaged by hand in Spain. Nature offers us a disinfectant air freshener without resorting to toxic or artificial products.

    Capacity 100 ml.

  • Drying balls 100% natural wool. XXL size. 3 pcs 

    With our drying balls you will extend the useful life of your clothes and save energy while preserving the environment.

    • They reduce the duration of the drying cycle up to 25%.
    • They decrease the static electricity of your clothes.
    • They soften clothes without using chemicals.
    • Clothes less wrinkled and easier to iron.
    • Balls of 100% natural and untreated wool. 
    • Lifespan of 500 washes.
    • Biodegradable and compostable.



  • Recyclable and reusable glass jar.
  • cotton bags recyclable and reusable.
  • Recycled cardboard box.
  • Labeled by hand with paper labels.


Laundry set for sportswear

88,00 €

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