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Zoom Gift set for sensitive skin
Zoom Gift set for sensitive skin
Zoom Laundry set for baby clothes and sensitive skin. - Home Healthy Home

Gift set for sensitive skin



With this set you will cover all the needs of people with sensitive skin with a collection of 100% natural products that will take care of your home, your health and the environment made up of:

  • Soap liquid laundry Ultra-concentrated for baby clothes Nº12 Recommended for the most delicate garments. Cleans while caring for all types of fabrics. Due to its great softness, it is a soap especially recommended for washing clothes that are in contact with the skin of babies and adults with sensitive skin. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it does not leave abrasive chemicals on clothing that can cause adverse reactions on sensitive skin. 
    • No preservatives, no dyes.
    • Vegan
    • Number of washes: 33. The number of washes is calculated according to the instructions on the label. 
    • Without perfume
    • Biodegradable.
    • Hypoallergenic.
  • Natural moisturizing liquid soap Nº140 made with organic olive oil. very soft and without perfume especially recommended for people with allergies, sensitive skin, pregnant women, babies and children. Indicated for daily hand washing, face and body.

    Cold saponified, olive oil retains all its moisturizing properties while nourishing, caring for and protecting your skin. Reinforced with Aloe vera with its regenerative power. It can also be used for shaving, removing traces of makeup or even in the shower. 

    Vegan, no dyes or preservatives, no perfume.
    100% biodegradable.

    • Bar of organic virgin olive oil soap, moisturizer with 8% surgras. It is especially suitable for hand and body washing, it is pure and handcrafted with 100% olive oil and nothing else. Vegan, without dyes or preservatives, or added perfumes, biodegradable and antibacterial.

      Take care and moisturize your skin. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin and even for babies. It is also used for shaving, removing traces of makeup or even in the shower. Being a natural product, it is a perfect aid for sensitive or problem skin. ⁠

      Approximate weight 100 gr. Each soap is unique and could vary in terms of shape, color, texture or weight with respect to the photographs as it is a handmade soap.  

      Our soap does not generate much foam as it is made with 100% olive oil, this is what differentiates Home Healthy Home soap from other similar soaps. It is very important that you have this clear, that you are buying a jpure compost.

      For its artisan manufacture we rely on the "cold" saponification method. We make the virgin olive oil react with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or "soda" without the application of external heat, using only what is released by the reaction itself.


      • Recyclable and reusable glass bottle.
      • cotton bags recyclable and reusable.
      • Recycled cardboard box.
      • Labeled by hand with paper labels.
      • Complimentary samples with each shipment.
      • Free shipping for purchases over €60.


      Gift set for sensitive skin


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