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Zoom "Original" laundry set.
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"Original" laundry set.

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A set specially designed to start taking care of clothes in a more sustainable way, taking care of your home and your health at the same time.

  • Kit of 36 "original" soap washes powder to make liquid soap. Composed of a glass bottle  reusable containing a refill of 12 washes and two refills of 12 washes each. Our liquid soap is especially recommended for delicate fibers. It is hypoallergenic, without added perfume, without preservatives or dyes and vegan. Recommended for hand and machine washing.
  • Drying balls 100% natural wool. XXL size. 3 pcs 

    With our drying balls you will extend the useful life of your clothes and save energy while preserving the environment.

    • They reduce the duration of the drying cycle up to 25%.
    • They decrease the static electricity of your clothes.
    • They soften clothes without using chemicals.
    • Clothes less wrinkled and easier to iron.
    • Balls of 100% natural and untreated wool. 
    • Lifespan of 500 washes.
    • Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Clothes pegs natural wood without varnish. 10 units. They do not rust, they are very resistant, they do not leave a mark on clothes, they withstand any condition  weather. 
  • Castile soap stain remover stick to remove the most difficult stains. 70 grams Our soap is made in the heart of Madrid, in a family soap factory, respecting the traditional process of cold saponification. Our formula is vegan and is formulated exclusively with virgin olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or "soda", without preservatives, without colorants, without perfume and without animal fats. 



  • Pour the contents of a sachet / refill into the bottle.
  • Tilt the bottle and fill it with very, very hot tap water up to 5 centimeters from the rim.
  • Shake vigorously being careful not to burn yourself.
  • Let cool stirring from time to time and ready.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Store it at room temperature. In winter in a heated room. Your detergent may solidify or separate: in this case, shake it again and voila.
  • When your bottle is empty, you can refill it with our liquid soap refills.


  • Recyclable glass jars.
  • Reusable cotton bags.
  • kraft paper spreaders
  • Recycled cardboard box.
  • Labeled by hand with paper labels.

"Original" laundry set.

56,00 €

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