Zoom Laundry soap with lavender- Home Healthy Home
Zoom Laundry soap with lavender- Home Healthy Home- 100% natural
Zoom Laundry soap with lavender Nº11.
Zoom Laundry soap with lavender. 100% natural and biodegradable. Refill liquid detergent.
Zoom Laundry soap with lavender- Home Healthy Home Pack natural
Zoom Laundry soap with lavender Nº11.

Laundry soap with lavender Nº11.

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Our natural detergent ultra-concentrated of lavender It is recommended for all types of clothing. White, colored, cotton, linen, hemp or mixed fibers from 30º to 95ºC. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it does not leave abrasive chemicals on clothing that can cause adverse reactions on sensitive skin. Formulated with organic lavender essence, you will enjoy a soft fragrance on your clothes. AHigh efficiency, even from 30ºC. preserves colors, removes dirt and bacteria, and facilitates their removal during lightening. 

great for washing by hand or machine.

  • biodegradable
  • No preservatives, no chemical dyes.
  • No enzymes.
  • Vegan
  • No synthetic fragrance.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • With organic lavender essential oil

Bottle content: 1.000 ml. / 20 washes

Package Content: 2.000 ml. / 40 washes

Refill content: 1.000 ml. / 20 washes

Content of the Family Pack: 4.000 ml / 80 washes




water, oil organic virgin olive oil (5-15%), coconut alcohol sulfate (5-15%), sugar surfactant (5-15%), vegetable alcohol (ethanol) (1-5%), sulfated castor oil (< 1%), sodium citrate (<1%) and organic lavender essential oil (<1%).

This list of ingredients is subject to possible changes or adjustments. For a list that takes into account the latest changes, you should check the label of each product before using it.


Purified water which allows the correct mixing of the ingredients.

Organic virgin olive oils Cold saponified, it effectively cleans clothes allowing textiles to be moistened, dissolving and absorbing dirt.

Sugar Surfactant (or Surfactant) reinforces the action of the soap and improves foam formation. It acts as an anti-limescale allowing the clothes to remain flexible after drying.

Coconut alcohol sulfate it is a surfactant. Reinforces the action of the soap thanks to its degreasing power. Improves foam formation.

Vegetable alcohol (Ethanol)* whicha It acts as a solvent to reinforce the cleaning efficiency and ensures a homogeneous and liquid formula. It is a natural preservative. Fight against the appearance of microbes.

Organic castor oil  of plant origin, facilitates the dissolution of fats

Sodium citrate It is a salt that is used as a PH regulator and softener.

Organic lavender essential oil with antiseptic, antibacterial and relaxing properties, also providing a pleasant aroma to your laundry.


Do you want to know more about the ingredients that we do not use in our formulas? Read here.


If you already have our glass bottle, you have the possibility to buy only the refill that you can also use as a container. Saving on price, on transport, due to weight and favoring sustainability.



  • Hand-packaged in glass bottle or Kraft envelope.
  • Shipping in recycled cardboard box.
  • Labeled by hand with paper labels.
  • Complimentary samples with each shipment.
  • Free shipping for purchases over €60.


Laundry soap with lavender Nº11.

20,00 €

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