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Zoom Kitchen & Surface Cleaning Gift Set
Zoom Kitchen & Surface Cleaning Gift Set
Zoom Kitchen and surface cleaning set - Home Healthy Home

Kitchen & Surface Cleaning Gift Set


A set specially designed to start caring for your kitchen in a more sustainable way, taking care of your home and your health at the same time. 


  • Dishwasher with lemongrass Nº 400 500ml perfect for washing your 100% natural dishes, good for your health, your home and the planet. Composed only of 100% natural ingredients and organic farming.  clean efícazly your plates, pots and pans, capturing all the dirt. Very effective, even when the water is hard. Great anti-grease power and very respectful with your skin.
  • Brush clean pots and pans Made of untreated natural wood with 100% vegetable fiber bristles. Biodegradable. Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The best solution for cleaning your pots and pans.

    Its vegetable fibers allow you to remove all traces of food from your kitchen utensils without damaging them. It is also used to clean many other surfaces, such as the sink, the shower or the tiles. The natural and ecological alternative to plastic fiber scouring pads.

  • Universal cleaner with lemongrass Nº 410.  We have developed a 100% natural surface cleaning soap, good for your health, your home and the planet. Composed only of 100% natural ingredients and organic farming.  Cleans and maintains all types of floors, tiles, sinks, laminate furniture, countertops, toilets and even glass. Great degreasing power. In addition to being very respectful of your skin.
  • Oxygen Booster Nº4 It is a 100% natural product, perfect for those who want to get rid of harmful cleaning products. To wash clothes, clean your house and even for your garden furniture, you will love the Oxygen Booster Nº 4 for its easy and efficient use. Stain remover and disinfectant, it works wonders for a natural and deep cleaning.


    • Recyclable and reusable glass bottle.
    • Recycled cardboard box.
    • Labeled by hand with paper labels.
    • cotton sack  recyclable and reusable.
    • Complimentary samples with each shipment.
    • Free shipping for purchases over €60.


    Kitchen & Surface Cleaning Gift Set


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