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Nº400 Lemongrass Dishwasher Nº400

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Our Family Pack Nº 400 is perfect for washing your 100% natural dishes, good for your health, your home and the planet. Composed only of 100% natural ingredients and organic farming.  clean efícazly your plates, pots and pans, capturing all the dirt. Very effective, even when the water is hard. Great anti-grease power and very respectful with your skin.

  • ultra concentrated
  • Degreaser.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • No preservatives or dyes.
  • Vegan
  • biodegradable

Content of the Family Pack: 4.000 ml.



Purified Water, Sugar Surfactant (5-15%), Coconut Sulfate (1-5%), Vegetable Alcohol Ethanol (1-5%), Salt (<1%), Citrate (<1%), Essential Oil of organic lemongrass (<1%).

This list of ingredients is subject to possible changes or adjustments. For a list that takes into account the latest changes, you should check the label of each product before using it.


Purified water which allows the correct mixing of the ingredients.

Sugar Surfactant (or Surfactant) reinforces the action of the soap and improves foam formation. It acts as an anti-limescale, preventing traces of limescale from appearing on the dishes.

Vegetable alcohol (Ethanol)* which aIt acts as a solvent to reinforce the cleaning efficiency and ensures a homogeneous and liquid formula. It is a natural preservative. Fight against the appearance of microbes.

Lemongrass essential oil with antiseptic, antibacterial and relaxing properties, also providing a pleasant aroma.


Do you want to know more about the ingredients that we do not use in our formulas? Read here.


  • Hand-packaged in Kraft finish envelopes.

  • Shipping in recycled cardboard box

  • Labeled by hand with paper labels

Nº400 Lemongrass Dishwasher Nº400

77,00 €

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