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Why don't we participate in Black Friday

Is coming Black Friday and their discounts. As many of you ask us the question, it seems important to us to explain why we have decided not to follow the frenetic pace of promotions and not to make sales.


We say NO to consumerism

Excessive consumption has a strong impact on the environment. As scientists warn of the need to limit global warming to 1,5°C by 2030, restoring healthier consumer bases appears to be a priority to reduce our impact on the environment.

This commercial operation does not correspond to our philosophy.

Throughout the year and for each development, each investment, we work on the ecodesign of our products, we seek environmentally friendly formulas and we implement actions to constantly improve.


We do not want you to consume more, but better

En Home Healthy Home, we elaborate healthy products for home care with a lot of love, commitment and at the fairest price for everyone: our suppliers and our customers. We want you to buy only what you need and above all quality products and maximum efficiency, in complete confidence.


How to offer you high quality products at the right price?

We have chosen to choose high quality raw materials, of ethical origin and manufactured in Spain. We have decided to reject toxic chemical ingredients, cheaper but very harmful to your health and the environment. our products are ultra concentrated to encourage you to consume less and better.


Why pay less today and more tomorrow?

When a product is excessively cheap, someone else will be paying the difference. If a customer pays more than another, it means that he will finance the promotion from which another customer will have benefited. And that doesn't seem fair.

Our goal: to maintain consistency, be transparent and fair, to offer you the best relationship between quality and price.


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