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How to clean your laptop

The biggest advantage of portable computers is that we can take them everywhere we want. Work in cafes, restaurants or while traveling on public transport. The biggest disadvantage? They get dusty, touch bacteria-ridden surfaces like restaurant tables or kitchen counters. Bacteria that we later take home. Have you thought about it?

Cleaning your laptop should be something habitual in your day to day. According to a study by Food Engineering Researchers of the UADE Foundation, computers can contain more bacteria than a toilet, what's more, the laptops of some workers were analyzed and they found bacteria that could cause everything from diarrhea to food poisoning. We are sure that you do not want these bacteria to end up in your eyes, mouth and skin, so we will explain the best way to clean your laptop.

We recommend that you clean your laptop at least once a week. It is preferable that you do them every three days. And, if you have used it in a public place like a restaurant or a cafe, it is best to clean it when you get home.



Tips for a deep cleaning of your laptop:

First of all, turn off your device and unplug it from the power. Next, mix one part detergent to five parts warm water. We recommend our dishwasher soap Nº400, it is useful for all surfaces including glass, it is natural so it will not damage the materials of your computer.

Moisten a microfiber cloth, wringing it out very well. Pass it all over the outside of your laptop, delicately insisting on possible stains. It is important to dry it later with another cloth. For the interior, do exactly the same. Moisten a cloth with the same mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Dry later also with a clean cloth.

To clean the screen of your laptop, it is essential that you clean from top to bottom and with the precaution of:

  • Do not use products such as glass cleaner, ammonia or alcohol as they could cause irreparable damage such as scratches or loss of shine.
  • Also be careful when using towels, kitchen paper or abrasive cloths as they could leave scratches and lint.

With dishwashing soap #400 You will not have any problem, it is natural and non-toxic, it has great disinfectant and degreasing power. It also has other qualities such as:

  • ultra concentrated
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • No harmful preservatives or dyes.
  • biodegradable

You'll be taking care of your laptop, your health, and our planet.


Cleaning delicate areas of your device

For the most complicated areas such as the gaps between the keys, the ideal way to clean them is to moisten a cotton swab with the same soap mixture without dripping it and pass it through the corners and edges of the keys.

Finally, don't forget about the ports and grilles. There are several ways to clean them. One of them is to use compressed air. Make sure to position the spray well so that the air expels the dust and does not push it further in.

Another option is to use reusable adhesive putty type "Blue Tack" that is usually used to fix posters. As it is a repositionable fixing rubber, dirt and dust adheres and leaves no traces. It is enough to knead a piece of putty with your fingers and apply it. Being moldable and elastic, it adapts to all types of surfaces and holes, it is easy and quick to use for ports such as grilles and even headphones.


Don't forget to clean your laptop accessories

And what about the backpack you use to carry your laptop? Do you remember the last time you cleaned it? If you don't, all the work of cleaning your laptop will have been in vain. Many of the laptop cases and backpacks are suitable to be thrown directly into the washing machine where you can use any of our laundry soaps. Ecological and natural, they will take care of the color and the fabric, thanks to their olive oil-based formulation.

If your backpack isn't machine washable, you can use one of our laundry soaps to hand wash it or wipe it down with a damp cloth with our dishwasher soap No. 400 that you used for the laptop.


What do I do if liquid is spilled on my laptop?

Quickly turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Use a microfiber cloth and pass it over the surface of the equipment, to absorb the liquid. Then place the laptop on top of a towel, open at a 90-degree angle upside down. This will prevent liquid from entering the system. We advise you to wait 24 hours before turning on the equipment again.

You can find many more cleaning tips on our blog “The Healthy Home”


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