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Autumn has arrived!

En home healthy home We care a lot about the cleanliness of your home. And our goal is to facilitate your task and make it as effective and pleasant as possible, taking care of your health.

For this reason, we discover some cleaning tips so that the return to the autumn routine is a little easier. As we approach fall, it's important to get our home ready before we're back snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate.

Here are 5 tips for effective fall cleaning:


Deep cleaning of the home.

Seasonal and temperature changes are often linked to colds and viruses, so we need to be very careful in the cleaning routine. 

In addition, with the arrival of autumn, we will begin to spend more time indoors, so a clean and bacteria-free home will make our home environment much more relaxing, pleasant and welcoming.

Several studies show that our homes are much more polluted than the air outside. In fact, the World Health Organization has estimated at 4,3 million the annual number of deaths attributable to indoor pollution. Mold, fungus, pollen, tobacco smoke, paint, gases such as carbon monoxide or even dust mites, but especially household cleaners and detergents release toxic substances that remain floating in the air that we breathe Hence, the need to air our home at least 10 minutes a day. Cleaning with natural products are essential for a deeper cleaning. Our cleaning products are 100% natural and do not contain toxic agents to achieve maximum cleaning and disinfection in addition to taking care of your health and our planet.

For daily use of all types of surfaces, we advise you to use our Universal Cleaner No. 410 ideal for floors, tiles, sinks, laminate furniture, countertops, bathroom fixtures and even glass. Thanks to its degreasing and deodorizing properties, it removes dirt, both inside the house and outside. Depending on the need, it can be used diluted or undiluted. in our article Uses and Tips for our Universal Cleaner No. 410, we tell you in detail its uses



Prepare your wardrobe for fall

We are already beginning to notice the change of season, a great time to clean up and get rid of the clothes that we have used the least during the summer.

Also, before using our jumpers and sweatshirts, it is best to wash them again. To help you take maximum care of your clothes, we have developed a collection of specific laundry soaps to take care of each type of fabric naturally. Formulated with organic olive oil, which nourishes and cares for the most delicate fibers. We recommend, for example:

- Our laundry soap no. 13 With organic olive oil and organic Lavender essential oil, it is ideal for caring for your wool and cashmere sweaters,
- For your sportswear, our laundry soap no. 14 with essential oil from organic critics.
- To clean your bedding, our laundry soap no. 11 with lavender essential oil organic.

Lavender essential oil and citrus fruits, in addition to leaving a pleasantly fresh scent, protect your clothes from moths and other insects.


Kitchen organization and cleaning

With autumn, we spend more time in the kitchen and start preparing more elaborate dishes. Cleaning your kitchen thoroughly will allow you to have it ready for fall and enjoy it to the fullest.

Clean every corner of the kitchen, organize the spices, pots and other instruments that we had already stored after so long without using them. For cleaning, our soap for lemongrass dishwasher #400, You will love it and it is also natural respectful with your tableware.

It is also a good time to organize all the drawers that we never organize, such as the spice drawer, for example, or the tupperware.

To have a perfect cleaning of the countertops and kitchenware, nothing better than our Universal Cleaner No. 410, It is perfect for disinfecting, degreasing and leaving all surfaces shiny and without any toxic. Don't forget the tiles and cabinet doors


Prepare to clean the exterior of the house:

It's time to put away the garden furniture. The first step is to remove the dust with a damp cloth, then clean them with a brush and the Universal Cleaner No. 410. Finally dry them with another cloth or let them air dry. In this way you will be able to have them clean and disinfected before storing them and thus have them perfect for next summer.

Once the furniture is removed, you can pick up the leaves and dust on the floor to leave everything clear and do a good cleaning of the floor. In case you have any stubborn stain, you can rub directly with our universal cleaner undiluted or with our Oxygen Booster Nº04


Make cleaning and home organization an enjoyable time

Do not hesitate to play music and why not, to include the whole family. After all, having a clean and healthy home is good for everyone. Doing these types of tasks together can be a good way to end the summer holidays, and you will also get everything done faster. And of course, after a good cleaning, you deserve a reward. Enjoy a good meal, a movie...

Having your home organized and clean will make your return to routine much more pleasant and bearable. Do not forget that the time you spend now is an investment in your health and well-being and that of your family.

You can find many more tips and advice on our blog.

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